All high flow fuel pumps are tested on special test machine. This machine includes pressure gauges, voltage gauge, AMP gauge and valves which could change pressure from low to high. When pressure is becoming higher the AMP is becoming higher too. It's important to monitor all these values during the test.

We use special AC/DC converter for having stable power voltage (13.5V - average on-board voltage). Also our converter shows AMP value which is changing during the test.

The pump installs after all valves. The end of the hose from pump goes to dimensional barrel. The first step is power on the pump. The second step - we have to make needed pressure by the valve (for example 3.5Bar/51psi), then we start the test for one minute and looking for how many liters will be pumped to dimensional barrel. After that we need to multiply result on 60 (mins) and it will be l/h (liters per hour) result of our pump.

We fix the results of voltage, AMPS, flow for each pressure. (2.5, 3, 3.5, 4.. bars)